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"What Remains"
60” wide x 48” tall x 1” deep
35,000+ hand cast urethane flowers

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Track Title: Ghosts She Sends

Artist: Black Crown Initiate

Album: Song Of The Crippled Bull


Black Crown Initiate | Ghosts She Sends | Song Of The Crippled Bull

underarm hair is growing on your head





made by Undunkook

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Yeezus Tour
September 12 || Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney, Australia.

This is literally from the video where this crusty asshole was yelling at two wheelchair bound people who were at his concert to stand up. I can’t stand him. He thinks he’s fucking anointed or some shit. As if his music is gonna heal them and make them walk. The entire crowd booed the two wheelchair bound people. Granted they didn’t know but you can’t assume everyone is able bodied. He’s such a dick.

I’m gonna stop you right there cause you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. As I was there.. and you were not. You’ve successfully been convinced by the media and their (twisted) version of what happened. I assume you never even saw the footage of it either? He did not yell at anyone, he performed the pre-planned “I want everyone to stand up for this song” bit and he specifically said unless you are disabled/are in a wheelchair then that is fine. He waited til he found out if they were disabled because the crowd was actually boo-ing them and telling them to stand up.. which probably confused him and he thought they were just being stubborn, and the second he found out they were wheelchair bound he said that’s fine and continued with the song. Get it right and stop reading perez hilton fucking articles cause let’s face it that guy amongst all other media sources just want to publicise Kanye in the worst way possible.

Whew. #FuckThePress

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inabada.mp3 was stuck in my head all day yesterday

you just reminded me of that entire project and now I have to continue it AB what have you done


i honestly feel like affirming your heterosexuality in a queer space is an act of aggression, if you have to maintain that youre straight at a gay event in order to feel alright with yourselfs then you should probably just not be there